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Based in Salzburg, Austria, for 40 years now, I have been successfully organising music tours in Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia with an international network of musicians and partners.

Our music groups are international, amateur to semi-professional. Whether choir, orchestra, band or folk dance group – we will find the right performance venue for you,

concert venue, local encounters with music groups and an enthusiastic audience.  Our „Silver Tree Christmas Choral Festivals“ are a special treat – beautiful cities, dreamlike Christmas markets and international Christmas carols. 

It’s all about balance – a well-balanced itinerary with enough time for fun, culinary delights, rehearsals and concerts – are the recipe for success of our concert tours.

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Karin Sophie Pfliegler Salzburg - Managing director PP-Performing Organisation
Karin Sophie Pfliegler

Juliana Gräfin Szechenyi-Smythe

PP Performing Partner Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Korea, Japan

PP-Performing is a steppingstone for me to branch out into the world of performing and cultural tours for international music groups.
Working closely together to make the dream-tours for our clients come true has always been truly inspirational. As the founder of the International Silver Tree Christmas Choral Festival, Karin Sophie, Managing Director of PP-Performing, has truly encouraged and inspired me to take that one bigger step and I can’t wait to see the first edition of the festival unravel this year.

JUMIKO strives to work together with talented international artists to organise a combination of performances and cultural tours with educational workshops for their new audiences.

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PP Performing Partner Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Korea, Japan

Jumiko Event Management – Managing Director

Juliana Gräfin Szechenyi.Smythe


Silver Tree Christmas Choral Festival

What makes the Silver Tree Christmas Festivals unique?

Every Christian country in the world has its own Christmas carols, independent of the standard world carol literature.
At this festival, the focus is on the diversity of carol cultures. The different languages and interpretations, as well as the history of the various cultures of origin, are intended tobring the choirs and the audience closer together in this wonderful time of sound.

The magic of Advent and Christmas unites the peoples in this harmonious time into a solemn chorus of love and peace. 

Silver Tree Christmas Choral Festival